Meet Our Trustees:

Emma Mcginty Life President
Emma Mcginty: Hon president

I was diagnosed with stage 3b lung cancer 12 years ago and having gone into remission after  4 years, I developed a secondary brain tumour, resulting in a successful operation to remove the cancer, during my whole treatment period Nicky Delobel and I formed a strong friendship and often talked about the need for more support for patients and families going through the trauma of diagnosis, treatment and sadly in some cases losing somebody that you love. We decided along with a couple of other brave people to set up the only Support group for Lung cancer in the south east London area.

I am a very positive person who firmly believes that the mind plays a vital role in recovery and am proud to be a founding member and life president of Everybreath.

Nicola Deloble: Hon Vice president

I am a dedicated and compassionate healthcare professional with over 17 years of experience as a Lung Cancer Nurse Specialist at a district general hospital. Throughout my career, I have been committed to providing specialised care and support to patients with lung cancer, a disease that can present complex challenges both physically and emotionally.

Recognising the importance of holistic patient care, I took the initiative in 2019 to establish a support group for lung cancer patients along with Emma one of my patients. I realised the importance of having the opportunity to connect others who truly understand how it feels to be diagnosed with lung cancer and that peer support plays a vital role patients and their families journey towards recovery and improved quality of life.

By founding this support group, I aimed to create a safe and nurturing environment where patients could connect with others who shared similar experiences. The group offers a platform for sharing personal stories, discussing coping strategies, and providing emotional encouragement. The power of shared experiences and mutual understanding fosters a sense of camaraderie that can be immensely therapeutic for those facing the challenges of lung cancer.

My role as both a Lung Cancer Nurse Specialist and a support group founder has allowed me to combine my medical expertise with my passion for ensuring the overall well-being of my patients. I am committed to staying informed about the latest advancements in lung cancer treatment and care, and I continue to refine my skills in patient education, symptom management, and emotional support.

Over the years, I have witnessed the transformative impact of not only medical interventions but also the profound influence of peer support on patients’ lives. Through my work, I strive to provide a comprehensive approach to lung cancer care that addresses both the physical and emotional aspects of the disease, ultimately enhancing the quality of life for my patients.

Nick Barclay: Chairman

Nick is an experienced events professional as well as a musician and the husband of a long term survivor of lung cancer (Emma). It’s a real privilege to be able to be a part of this amazing charity. We are working hard to ensure that patients and families who go through the agony of diagnosis and then the journey of treatment itself and whatever outcome they face are offered a place where they can be themselves to talk freely about their experience and to see the difference its making to their lives. Our long term aims are to make lung cancer taboos a thing of the past and offer a positive mindset to all who connect and do our part to help the whole of the lung cancer community to come out from the shadows. To see at least one every breath in each city or county in the UK would be amazing.

Andrew O’Keeffe: Treasurer

I was diagnosed with Lung Cancer in March 2013 after breaking a couple of ribs after a Skiing accident. The X-Ray showed a tumour on my lung so broken ribs was now not my big issue.  I was then referred to the Chartwell Centre at the Princess Royal Hospital in Farnborough.

There I met Nicky Deloble who was to be my Lung Nurse. After a consultation I was sent to Guys Hospital in London where I met the team who would operate on me for the removal of the tumour.

In May 2013 I had surgery with fabulous after care.

When Nicky asked me to join the group, I fully embraced her idea of trying to help to others.
Malcolm Glennon:

 My name is Malcolm Glennon . My wife Claire Aris was unfortunately diagnosed with lung cancer in may 2021 .the level of care and speed that we received from the NHS Princesss Royal hospital was outstanding. in particular senior nurse nick Diablo. Nicky took nursing and care to another level. Claire built a great level of trust and friendship with Nicky. She made a situation that was hard to deal with as soon as possible. 

Claire unfortunately only survived 7 months of constant hospital visits pain and suffering. the group Everybreath was in the early stages and offered great hope focus and the feeling that she was not the only one . Once Claire had lost her battle to this horrible disease my focus was to keep her memory going and give something back . The group helped me and offered great companionship. I focussed on fundraising, gaining charitable status and helping in any way I could .it was a great privilege when Nicky and nick asked me if I would b a trustee of the group. Claire would be surprised but very proud of my participation with this most worthy group.

Julia Bunting
Julia Bunting:
Hi I’m Julia and was diagnosed with stage 4 NSCLC back in 2016 after a bout of chest infections and a stay in ICU with pneumonia. They knew something was wrong but took several tests to confirm as I don’t have an actual tumour, but cancer in the individual cells of the lungs.

I was accepted on the checkmate trail receiving chemotherapy and there was an immediate improvement in the breathing and other symptoms also started to dwindle. I was on the trail for two years before deciding to come off chemo due to kidney damage. I was then off treatment for a year before having to start again. It was confirmed that I carried the ROS1 mutation and have been on targeted therapy crizotinib ever since.

Apart from having cancer, my life has mainly returned to normal, my family give me the determination and treat me as they always have which means so much to me.

I went to the first ever Everybreath meeting and didn’t realise I needed it in my life until that moment. Cancer can be a lonely place and having someone to discuss it with who understands is so vital and I’ve seen it help so many people adjust to their diagnosis with the guidance of others in the same situation. It definitely is my happy place, and that’s what the meetings are about, optimism and friendship. It’s a very uplifting atmosphere.